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IMBP-watermark-blackdotDo you have that next big idea that is Shark Tank worthy, about to enter a local, national or international business plan competition or simply interested in learning more about protecting your invention or great business idea? Before you reveal your big idea to the masses, first ask yourself whether your brand is protected.

Is My Brand Protected? Is the most vital question for any entrepreneur, start-up, inventor or already established business. Intellectual Property is one of the most important assets a company or organization retains, and should therefore be diligently protected.

A company donates a lot of time and money in developing, nurturing and creating a brand. In today’s technologically advanced environment the Internet makes it easier for businesses to get display their brand and advertise their products and services, but it also makes it easier for unscrupulous individuals all over the world to steal ideas or to damage your company’s reputation. Protecting ones brand should be a primary aspect of your overall business model, regardless of the size of the company, therefore one must take the necessary steps to protect intellectual property. In today’s global environment it is also crucial for a company to implement global protection.

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