Service Areas

To take the steps in protecting your brand AMD Law provides stellar services tailored in protecting ones brand.

AMD Law is a leading law firm that offers personalized client services, specializing in the areas of intellectual property, domestic and international business, internet law, corporate compliance litigation support and insurance related law. Additionally, our Luxury Law Firm division focuses on fashion law, design law, entertainment law, sports law and art law.

AMD Laws primary goal is to “safeguard your dreams while protecting your brand.”  Patents, trademarks, and copyrights (intellectual property) are the primary means used to establish ownership of inventions and creative ideas in their various forms and are crucial to the growth of every business. AMD Law is a firm that specializes in intellectual property, international and domestic business law and internet law in order to provide your company with durable protection.

Our organization prides itself in providing a unique, efficient, and custom-tailored legal counsel for our valued clients. Our detail-oriented attorneys, international market specialists, and risk compliance administration and professional staff are dedicated to protecting, establishing, and developing our clients’ intellectual property, as well as their goods and services globally.

Are You Protected?

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